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this is unfinished software

a tiny link shortener (& maybe pastebin in the future)

running it

^V needs a postgresql database. for ssl, run it behind a reverse proxy like nginx.

all config is done through env vars/.env file:

var default description
LISTEN_ADDR the listen address with port.
DATABASE_URL the address to the postgres database. this is passed directly to sea_orm::Database::connect
BASE_DOMAIN ^V assumes https if this is set, and will use secure cookies for that domain
V_ID_CHARSET abcdefghijkmnpqrstuwxyz123467890 the charset for generated ids that show up in links (manual overrides don't care about this)
V_ID_GEN_LENGTH 6 length of the generated ids (again, manually set ids don't care.)
V_DEV_TEST_DATA whether or not to generate a dev user with some test data; probably only useful for devs

(this list may be incomplete. the full list can be found at the start of the main() function in src/

dev info

if you want to tinker with ^V, here's some pointers

  • it uses sea_orm for data storage abstraction.
    • defining new things works as follows:
      1. the schema is defined through migrations (migration/), then
      2. it is applied to an actual database:
        $ sea migrate fresh
      3. entity mappings are generated from that database:
        $ sea generate entity --with-serde both --serde-skip-deserializing-primary-key -o entity/src
    • the sea command is provided from $ cargo install sea-orm-cli and needs to run with DATABASE_URL set (or its -u option)