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... is (or will be) a gpt2-based bot based on someone's mastodon posts. WIP.

getting started

(these steps assume you have python installed. this has only been tested with python 3.10, but it should work with >=3.8)

grab an archive of your fedi data. in the mastodon web interface this is under settings / import and export / data export. unzip the file, locate outbox.json

create a virtual environment, activate it, and install requirements

python -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

(optionally) edit the file in the root of this repo

run the init command:

python src/ init /path/to/outbox.json

this will take a while, depends on your settings; assuming default settings it should take an hour or two on modern cpus

then you can generate:

python src/ generate

this will print a generated text snippet to stdout, which you can then pipe into a piece of software that posts it to fedi, or you could contribute to this project and implement posting directly

enjoy and have fun :D